Monday, November 5, 2007

Flavor of the Week

A different flavor is designated each week in our stores to showcase one of our many unique flavors.This encourages customes to step out of the box of thier favorite flavors and helps to release thier tastebusts as they savor a different flavor each week.

This Week's Flavor (November 5 - 10)

Tres Leches (Three Milks)
Freshley shaved ice with a combination of our speciality white, yellow, and pink milk (leche) flavors. Dazzled with a heavy condensed cream. The different flavors create a tasty delight that you are sure to love.


Anshar said...

I'm dying for the recipe for a pink leche raspa. I've been going to Margo's for years since I was a little girl and can't seem to find a recipe for it anywhere. Most of my family lives in Weslaco, however I live elsewhere and only get to visit; the first thing I do is go to Margo's. Could you tell me the base ingredients that go into your leche recipe? Thank you.

Francesca Brown said...

You should try Paqui's Monkey Ice in Donna.... The pink Leche is creamy and rich.... Off salinas blvd south of business 83...